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Mi, 29. November 2023, ab 20 Uhr:

miniLab #5

Wednesday Nov. 29th / Mittwoch, 29.11.2023
doors: 8.pm / 20Uhr
concerts from 9.pm / Konzerte ab 21Uhr

Die fünfte Ausgabe des miniLabs bringt drei experimentelle Musikerinnen aus der Berliner Szene: JD Zazie (CDjs, turntables), Laura.aLL (guitar, electronics) und Niki Matita (modular synthesizer, obsolete devices).
Die Künstlerinnen spielen solo und machen eine Live-Improvisation als Trio.

Das Projekt miniLab ist ein Raum für Musikexperimente, offen für experimentelle, ambiente und improvisierte Musik.
Es findet jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat statt.

The fifth edition of miniLab features three experimental musicians from the Berlin scene: JD Zazie (CDjs, turntables), Laura.aLL (guitar, electronics); and Niki Matita (modular synth, obsolete devices).
The artists play solo and do a live improvisation as a trio at the end.

The miniLab project is a space for music experimentation, open to experimental, ambient and improvised music.
It will take place every last Wednesday of the month.
JD Zazie is an experimental DJ, avant-turntablist and sound artist living between Berlin and Bolzano. Coming from a DJ and a radiophonic background JD Zazie has explored over the years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound. In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. She moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.
Intended as music instruments CDjs, turntables and mixer are her tools to mix the specific soundsources she plays (mostly electronic music, electroacoustic music, musique concrète, field recordings and improvised music). In her sound installations she explores everyday life, refers to urbanism and relates to sound atmosphere. She is art director of "MuseRuole - women in experimental music" festival, is a member of the Burp Enterprise collective and broadcasts monthly on Colaboradio and on Reboot.fm. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, events and festivals in Europe including SeaNaps festival (DE), Alternativa festival (CZ), Braille Satellite (LT), A L'Arme! festival (DE), Simultan festival (RU), Berlin Atonal (DE), All Ears (NO), Sonic Protest (FR), Heroines of Sound (DE), Reheat festival (AT), High Zero festival (US), Music Unlimited #27 (AT), Tuned City Bruxelles (BE), Sonic Sound Space (DE), among many others.
Laura.aLL (aka LauraL, Laura Leiner) is a guitarist, experimental composer and curator. She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, video and social communication/journalism. Laura's work ranges from experimental art to ambient music, including deep listening, field recordings, psychedelic rock, electroacoustic, noise and minimal. She also broadcasts the radio show Klang#030 monthly at reboot.fm (Berlin). Her Band M.i.p.V (Músicas intermináveis para Viagem/Endless music for Tripping), a guitar + drums trip rock duo that started in Brazil, turns 20 in 2024.
Niki Matita is a multidisciplinary artist, DJ and radio person focussing mainly on sound, noise & music. Her audio walk show "La Passante Ecoutante" airs monthly on Colaboradio.
miniLab #5
Mittwoch 29.11.2023 / Wednesday, Nov 29th
doors: 8 pm / 20Uhr
concerts from 9.pm / Konzerte ab 21 Uhr

JD Zazie (solo set/ CDjs, mixer)
Laura.aLL (solo set/ guitar, electronics)
Niki Matita (solo set/ modular synthesizer, obsolete devices)
JD Zazie + Laura.aLL + Niki Matita (trio/ improv)

admission/Eintritt: donation/Spende basis: 5 - 10EUR
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photo JD Zazie: Marco Microbi (photophunk)

photo Laura.aLL: photo-frame at miniLab #4

photo Niki Matita: Piet Biniek