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Mi, 26. Juli 2023, ab 20 Uhr:

miniLab #2

Musikexperimente @ Galerie ZeitZone

Die zweite Ausgabe des miniLab Projektes bringt drei in Berlin tätige brasilianische Künstler*innen, Laura.aLL und ICNISP (Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicity Sonic Practices) - Duo mit Marina Cyrino und Matthias Koole.
Das Projekt miniLab ist ein neuer Raum für Musikexperimente, offen für experimentelle, ambiente und improvisierte Musik.
Und es wird jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat stattfinden.

miniLab's second edition brings three Brazilian artists based in Berlin, Laura.aLL and ICNISP (Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicity Sonic Practices) - duo with Marina Cyrino and Matthias Koole.
The project miniLab is a new space for music experiments, open for experimental, ambient and improvised music.
And it will happen every last Wednesday of the month.

Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices (ICNISP) is the Berlin-based duo of Brazilian musicians Marina Cyrino (flute) and Matthias Koole (el. guitar).
With a mixture of electronic and acoustic sound sources, objects and preparations, inside amplification and no-input mixing, the duo leads guitar and flute towards a common hybrid terrain. Sound perspectives are shifted, and instrumental identities are displaced.
The piccolo can function as a noise generator and a percussion instrument, the guitar can sound like birdsong, and the alto flute can be played by an external balloon that moans.
In March 2023, they released their first album, called Calisthenics, on the Brazilian label Seminal Records.

Foto: Matthias Koole and Marina Cyrino, by Vinicius Giusti.

Marina Cyrino is a Brazilian flutist and sound artist currently based in Berlin. She works across the fields of improvisation, composition, instrument building and performative audio-visual installations. Her flute playing is characterised by singular techniques developed through the use of inside amplification. The rhythmic use of the flute, the extensive use of objects and balloons attached to the instrument, and the use of disassembled flute parts are other striking elements of her playing.

Matthias Koole is a guitarist. He plays written and improvised contemporary/experimental music in different groups and as a soloist, as well as making music (live or not) in multidisciplinary projects.
He is a member of the Brazilian experimental music label/production house Seminal Records. Some time ago, he was a founding member of the guitar quartet ZWERM and guest musician in ensembles Ictus, Champ d'Action, Brussels Philharmonic, Hermes Ensemble, and Opera Lab Berlin.
Matthias is part of several recordings, including cd's with music by Phill Niblock, Richard Barrett, Larry Polansky, Stefan Prins, Thais Montanari and improvisation cd's with Mario Del Nunzio, Henrique Iwao, Peter Jacquemyn, Marina Cyrino.
Currently he lives in Berlin where he focuses on his activities as an improviser in different groups as well as solo. As a solo artist, he has been concentrating on the use of acoustic steel string guitar combined with no-input mixing.

Laura.aLL (aka LauraL, Laura Leiner) is a guitarist, experimental composer and curator.
She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, video and communication-journalism. Her work ranges from experimental art to ambient music, deep listening, field recordings, psychedelic rock, electroacoustic, noise and minimal.

Foto: Laura.aLL @ PAS, by Carlos Ness

miniLab #2
Wednesday / Mittwoch, 26.07.
from 8 pm / ab 20 Uhr

with / mit

ICNISP (duo/ guitar, flute, improvised)
Laura.aLL (solo set/ guitar, experimental, noise)
ICNISP + Laura.aLL (trio/ improv)

admission/Eintritt: donation/Spende basis: 3 - 10 EUR

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curated by Laura Leiner
supported by Galerie ZeitZone