a k t u e l l
a r c h i v
ü b e r   u n s
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i m p r e s s u m
in der ZeitZone
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Am Ostseeplatz eG
Galerie ZeitZone
Galerie ZeitZone, Adalbertstr. 79, 10997 Berlin. Geöffnet Do Fr Sa ab 19.00
Unsere Räume können für private Veranstaltungen gemietet werden.

Mi, 28. Juni 2023, ab 20 Uhr:


Ein neuer Raum für Musikexperimente beginnt am kommenden Mittwoch, 28.06.2023 in der Galerie ZeitZone.
Das Projekt miniLab ist offen für experimentelle, ambiente und improvisierte Musik, sowie verwandte Künste, und wird jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat stattfinden.

Bei der ersten Ausgabe treten Pausa a Pausa und Laura.aLL auf und alle Musiker (als Quartett) spielen im letzten Akt.

A new space for music experiments is starting next Wednesday Jun 28th 2023 at Galerie ZeitZone.
The project miniLab is open for experimental, ambient and improvised music, also for some related arts, and it will happen every last Wednesday of the month.

The first edition brings Pausa a Pausa and Laura.aLL and all musicians (as a quartet) play together in the last act.

Pausa A Pausa focus on emerging gestures and environments through improvisation. Using feedback and sharing signals between players, the virtual ensemble is spatialized by different approaches (in quadraphonic when possible), creating ever-evolving sonorities that range anywhere from drone and noise to harmonic and melodic development and recognizable soundscapes.


Laura.aLL (aka LauraL, Laura Leiner) is a guitarist, experimental composer and curator.
She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, video and communication-journalism. Her work ranges from experimental art to ambient music, deep listening, field recordings, psychedelic rock, electroacoustic, noise and minimal.


first edition /Premiere: Jun.28th, Wednesday / Mittwoch, 28.06
from 8 pm / ab 20Uhr

Pausa a Pausa (trio/ electronics, improvised)
Laura.aLL (solo set/ experimental, strings)
Pausa a Pausa + Laura.aLL (quartet/ improv)

admission/Eintritt: donation/Spende basis: 3 - 10 EUR (opening price!)

Galerie ZeitZone
Adalbertstrasse 79, Berlin-Kreuzberg

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