a k t u e l l
a r c h i v
ü b e r   u n s
k o n t a k t
i m p r e s s u m
in der ZeitZone
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung
Am Ostseeplatz eG
Galerie ZeitZone
Galerie ZeitZone, Adalbertstr. 79, 10997 Berlin. Geöffnet Do Fr Sa ab 19.00
Unsere Räume können für private Veranstaltungen gemietet werden.

Fr, 21. April 2023:

The third A L T E R A . M A T E R I A . installment called "the CHOKE" will take place at Galerie ZeitZone !

Maybe the coming robot dictatorship, the mountains of life documents, the endless austerity and precarity, the untrustworthy automation of the self aren't so auto because they're always sickening, because they never really go down smoothly; because something, some part gets stuck and the throat clenches, refuses, heaves.

An evening of
noise - poetry - psychedelic - actionism
entrance 7pm / start 8pm sharp
your dice roll decides the entry price from 0-10 [euro],
but of course everything is negotiable !

the first ever collaboration between sound artist seht zhan and asta d, a poet, actor, editor, musician and visual artist from denmark.

p o e s i . f y s i k . + SAMIN SON
electroacoustic primitivism for larynx miking of two abused turntable corpses and other strange sound objects... confronted with the sound poetry and body expression of samin son.
p o e s i . f y s i k . , the electroacoustic vehicle of u moellhusen and w nick, both originally visual artists developing sound scenarios from visual imagination and physical action... a combination of exquisite object sounds (played in an unusual way), sound poetry and movement besides conceptual basis a happening of coincidences and accidents.

Mattin - artist, musician and theorist working conceptually with noise and improvisation, and an explorer of performative forms of estrangement as a way to deal with structural alienation.
Dora Bleu - through the echoes of an electric guitar and vocal expressions, Dora Bleu explores intimacy as the place where the imperializing war state replenishes itself. With vocals that erupt traumas composed by narrative time, uneven compositions filled with stark silences and bent notes, her songs ignore genres to exhume vulnerable and dreamlike states.

By his musical approach Mathieu Sylvestre explores the strains between natural soundscapes and artificial/electronic sound sources. The main focus is to merge antinomic sounds and push in boundaries using atypical treatments in field recordings with modular synthesizers with tapes or loopers. The importance of precise details along waves of harsh frequencies bring a physical and appealing magnitude in the process.