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16. - 28. September 2017

Yagama presents:


an exhibition

Works and concept:

Yagama and Eva Garland

Opening night performances:

Violinist Biliana Voutchkova

The Buzz Bullets - a rock band created by drummer Lenjes Robinson, guitarist Yamirah Gercke, singer Nicole Kreyssel and bassist Vivek Date.

The hunger for real and artificially created human needs has become the driving force of contemporary human society. Is desire the essence of human nature and the ultimate cause for humankind's ills?
Is there a point in trying to change things?
APPETITE is an art and film project about a little human Being's journey into the belly of the Beast, incarnate as a purple Rabbit.
The series of painting, photography, video and installations presented at the APPETITE exhibitions are a prelude to a film by the same name, which is currently in the process of development and funding.
(teaser: vimeo.com/119427895)

Yagama is a visual artist working in film, video, painting and installation. Originally from Bulgaria, she studied Painting and Cultural Anthropology at Hunter College, City University of New York. Her work is inspired by the process of self realisation, the world of dreams and myths, as well as contemporary social issues. Yagama actively participates in various types of artistic events and exhibitions around Europe and beyond, she is also the author of a public labyrinth garden in Sofia Bulgaria. Most recently she collaborated on the awarded Eat me! film with her sister Ilina Perianova and is now working on the Appetite film among others.