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Donnerstag 5. September 2013, ab 19:30 Uhr

"Martial Arts With Music"

Korean martial arts are to be performed with korean music and improvisation.

Wonho Lee (Korean Martial Arts)
Jeongeun Maeng (Korean Percussion / vocal)

1. Introduction
2. With Audience
3. Basic Extension
4. Lyrical Ambition
- Intermission -
5. Waterfall from the heaven
6. Along the hereafter
7. A mediocre hero
8. Improvisation

Wonho Lee, born in 1962 in Seoul, is a founder and leader of Han-mom(meaning best-conditioned bodymind) training center in Seoul, Korea, where people can keep fit especially through practising various kinds of martial arts and special training methods from Korea.
He graduated from Computer Engineering in Dongguk University, having worked as a computer engineer for 14 years in major companies in Korea. He has trained Kichun over 20 years and before that, Taekkyeon and Taekwondo. He learned various alternative medicines and therapies, like Chiropractic medicine, oriental medicine, traditional korean and sports massages, etc., and has practiced them to people with health problems, searching for a way to connect his own training methods with treatments to patients. He believes that well-flowing Ki (bio-energy) is the key to keep fit and specific training methods can make people feel and control their own Ki. He began to get involved in artistic work since 2000, throwing workshops for actors and actresses for theater pieces or performing himself in several pieces. In 2004 he took part in a competition in World Culture Open, winning a world peace prize, and performed korean traditional martial arts in the Blue House, the korean presidential residence. Also, he performed and demonstrated his training methods in different kinds of celebrations, forums and seminars, like in the Korean Society of Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Korea Medical Women's Association. Since 2006 he has run Han-mom training center in Seoul.

Jeongeun Maeng, born in Gangneung in Korea, learned classical piano and traditional korean shamanistic singing and drum(Janggu).
Since 2011 she has worked on Project 4 2[sai:], in which distances and energies between different kinds of relations are explored. Since 2012 she has lived in Berlin, experimenting and performing free improvised music with korean traditional percussion instruments in Echtzeitmusik-scene in Berlin.