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photo exhibition

20. September - 8. Oktober 2019

Laetitia de Maupassant: "Eckkneipe"

This is the very first photo exhibition of Laetitia de Maupassant that is nearly 4 years in the making. Originally from France, she moved to Berlin around 5 years ago. Laetitia started her adventure with her analogue Canon AE-1 while discovering beauty of the then still relatively unpolished East Berlin. From David Bowie's beloved Neukölln and the multi-cultural Sonnenallee, to rough-and-tumble but cosy and punk-influenced corners of Friedrichshain. Observing everyday life in the Kiez, frequenting old, traditional Berlin bars, she captures the moment in "time snapshots", creating her own, new story.

"Eckkneipe" pays homage to the Berlin watering holes of yesterday and today. These "time capsules" are where the past converges with the present - seedy melting pots stirring together ages and classes alike. These once thriving stages, where the theatre and drama of everyday life play out, are gradually fading away in the ever-mutating Berlin of today. We will see our familiar neighbourhoods through the eyes of a new inhabitant and the time process of becoming a new Berliner.

She has met people who created these neighbourhoods the way we see them now. Old barflies reminiscing the days of the Berlin Wall, the birth of punk and freedom movements across the entire city, sharing the tears and drinks in first moments of tearing down the fortress-like city borders. She was amazed by the openness of those strangers and delighted to hear their stories, but also to tell a few of her own...

Laetitia Art Work: