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10. 2 - 4. 3. 2017

Elisa Nicolò, Renzo de Pellegrin:
"Anthology of the invisible"

Within the Post-Capitalist era, where the materialistic world grasped by the five senses is slowly collapsing, two visionary thinkers gather a series of impressions of a parallel world.
In a plastic society produced by the industry of mental control and tormented by hysteria, individuals are vanishing in anonymity without past, consuming their own days in indifference.
The beauty flourishes on bare walls, in the skeletons of abandoned buildings, in ruins, in the fog... in the invisible.

The sweet, beloved practice of idleness, improperly defined as wasted time, appears as unexpected surprise.
Undefined images inside and outside the boundaries of dream unfold within walls and canvases, deforming, flowing until they come together in one sole expression.
Through the painting brush, gestures and the complicity of the soul, the artist's expression cyclically continues its own path of vigor and death.

Elisa Nicolò is a painter and visual artist.
In Berlin, she presented her paintings in personal solo and collective exhibitions, based on the concepts of "Ego and Alter Ego", "Nomad Art" and "Change of Perspective".
She studied and worked in different cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, Tenerife, Budapest, London and Rome.
Her work is an astral journey into the mind and soul.

Renzo de Pellegrin is a photographer and visual artist.
His work is related to the concept of retrieval.
He has been living in Argentina and in Chile. In Buenos Aires, he has presented a solo exhibition of his photographic work and participated in several collective exhibitions of sculpture. He also worked in the realization of set designs and art installations.
He lives and works in Berlin.



3. 3. 2017

"Well baked background animation"

im Rahmen der Ausstellung
"Anthology of the invisible"
von Elisa Nicolò und Renzo de Pellegrin