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17. Oktober - 4. November 2014

Hélène Canuet: They, there

Photography / Installation / work in progress

Come to discover a view of my work and a vision of America.
Imagination / Observation
Vernacular / Spectacular

"le spectacle c'est le mauvais rêve de notre sociéte"
G. Debord

Around the idea of seriality I propose photography with often a social and humoristic aspect going from classic portrait to conceptual and abstract forms to explore the status of thereof... Documents purely informative? Story telling's material or esthetic form? Borderline... my pictures are to feed imagination, or a purpose, with coherence and sometimes corruption of sense.

In my current work the notion of familiarity or unfamiliarity is questioned and in the context of the upcoming workshop "Vernacularus Berlin" I ask you to bring an object to the vernissage, any object of your choice!
The workshop will be during the last week of October where I will invite people to do a collective piece using personal objects and a large collection of regional and national newspapers and other local materials.
Intrigued! Come around and wait for the newsletter of the future!